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Problems at Bud's Board (allscifi)
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Author:  Butch [ Thu Sep 18, 2014 8:16 am ]
Post subject:  Problems at Bud's Board (allscifi)

For the last 4 days Bud Brewster's site ALL SCI-FI has been down. It may be permanent due to a new release.


This new release does not support the Firebird component of Firefox.

Or it may be that the hosts in Thailand have simply quit.

Author:  Butch [ Fri Sep 19, 2014 3:18 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Problems at Bud's Board


Well, it would appear that our web host – AtFreeForums (aka phpbber.com) – has gone out of business. Every forum on the phpbber.com servers that I found with a Google search has been off line for the last four days.

Whether the board returns or not, Randy Everett and I agree that it’s time to make a clean break from the people who’ve mishandled the maintenance of our board for so many years. For that reason, we have opened up the version of All Sci-Fi we created last year when AtFreeForums lost two weeks of our posts due to a back-up error.

This is the link to The New All Sci-Fi.


We all regret the loss of the many great contributions All Sci-Fi has accumulated over the last seven years, but the unreliability of the web host has been a constant danger, and this new version of All Sci-Fi is on a secure server, so it will not have that fatal flaw.

If All Sci-Fi does come back, however, my intention is to adjust the settings so that our members can view the existing posts and copy the text to backup files on their own computers. These achieved copies can be used by each member to create revised versions for original posts on The New All Sci-Fi.

However, the old board will be set to prohibit any new posts at that site, and to prevent new members from joining. There will an announcement at the top of the main index, declaring that the board has been moved, along with a link to The New All Sci-Fi.

These measure are absolutely necessary to insure we don’t add material to the old board and then lose it when it does finally vanish completely – assuming this hasn’t already happened.

However, please remember that this will be a NEW board with discussions started from scratch, so you won’t be able to just paste your old comments in bulk to the new board. You’ll need to adapt each version of your old posts to the conversations which develop on the new board from day to day. Every thread on The New All Sci-Fi will have to grow in the normal manner, one post at a time. Sadly, we can NOT duplicate any threads directly from the old board. We’ll have to build them naturally, from the ground up.

I deeply apologize for this unfortunate situation, and I hope everyone will try to see this as an opportunity to build a new and better All Sci-Fi – one that is safe from the dangers of “free forum hosting” and all the pitfalls which that includes – like database backups which aren’t preformed correctly, and those annoying ads we hate so much!

So, please join us in making this challenging transition to The New All Sci-Fi. I’ll provide updates in the next few days.

Bud Brewster – proud site admin of The New All Sci-Fi


Author:  DrMoreau [ Fri Sep 19, 2014 8:11 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Problems at Bud's Board

Well, damn. Bud and I had discussed this possibility last year and he was working on a conversion that had some troubles getting off ground.
Sorry to hear he had the plug pulled like this - no warning, no nothing - just gone.

I encourage all our members who had joined there to please do so again. And for any members who had never gone there, please visit and help rebuild.

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