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 Post subject: Twin Peaks
Unread postPosted: Tue Nov 11, 2014 7:06 pm 
The Pie Maker
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I just realized there is no thread dedicated solely to Twin Peaks. So here it is. I won't go much into the show, at least not at this point, but my thoughts are spread throughout the board. Just wanted to post this link:

http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/10/0 ... 39736.html

Yes! Can't wait!


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 Post subject: Re: Twin Peaks
Unread postPosted: Wed Dec 10, 2014 11:11 pm 
Public Interests Liaison
Public Interests Liaison
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Its cool that its returning but how about the old cast?

 Post subject: Re: Twin Peaks
Unread postPosted: Sat Dec 13, 2014 4:58 pm 
The Pie Maker
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StillValleyBard wrote:
Its cool that its returning but how about the old cast?

From what I understand they're supposed to try getting as many of them back as possible. I would be very interested to see who they get in on it and how it would all play out. I would assume there would be some new blood in there too, but Kyle Maclachlan back as ol' Dale Cooper would be awesome.


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 Post subject: Re: Twin Peaks
Unread postPosted: Mon May 22, 2017 4:21 am 
Postal Carrier
Postal Carrier
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first two eps last night. will watch and comment.
I added $howtime just for this so it'd better be good!

 Post subject: Re: Twin Peaks
Unread postPosted: Mon May 22, 2017 4:24 am 
Postal Carrier
Postal Carrier
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episode guide to original

GOOD BIT: The quirky characters and the plot; Who killed Laura Palmer?
one memorable scene, in the high school; we see someone whisper to the teacher; there's a girl running outside screaming; Donna looks over at James and they see Laura's empty desk; Donna starts to cry...
NOT SO GOOD BIT: nothing stands out.
LINES: "Harry, she's dead!..wrapped in plastic!" (Pete Martell informing the Sheriff)
"Man! Smell those trees! Smell those Douglas Firs!" (Coop, enjoying (the nature)
VISUAL: the deer head on the table; the donuts; Josie at the mirror, sad/beautiful; the warbler and the saw blade on the opening credits.
THOUGHT: The title hints at the show's exploration of the dual nature of things, embodied in Laura Palmer herself; beauty queen, meals on wheels volunteer, worker with the mentally troubled (the Horne kid)...plus prostitute, porn queen and drug user. (Lots of this came out in the prequel 'Fire Walk With Me'). The theme,
alternating somber synth chords and sentimental piano, embodies this.

Ep 1
GOOD BIT: Nothing stands out.
NOT SO GOOD BIT: domestic abuse at the Johnsons.
LINES: "James is so sweet! But he's so dumb!" (Laura, on tape, about her beau)
"He has emotional problems. It runs in the family. Do you like my ring?" (Audrey, hitting on Coop)
THE PLOT THICKENS: Shelly finds Leo's bloody shirt; Ben Horne and Catherine Martell are an item.
THOUGHT: Major Briggs really makes a lot of sense, if only his punk kid would listen.

Ep 2
GOOD BIT: SA Cooper essays an experimental Tibetan gestaltic technique involving rock throwing.
NOT SO GOOD BIT: Nadine's one eye creeps me.
HI/BYE: enter Jerry Horne, with sandwiches and a bad haircut; hello Albert Rosenfeld, a great FBI man but not much of a people person.
LINES: "I didn't want to get mink oil on MY beadspread!" "You got mink oil in your head!" (the Martells, sharing a moment)
THE PLOT THICKENS: the rock throwing implicates Leo; Josie acquires the mill's ledgers.
THOUGHTS: Nadine has a nice...form;...why do the Martells stay together? they obviously despise each other. Pete must be hard up for $...you can see the Southern California sun in more of the backgrounds.

Ep 3
GOOD BIT: we find out about the Bookhouse Boys
NOT SO GOOD BIT: Bobby Briggs says a few words at the funeral.
HI/BYE: Selena Swift as 'Emerald' (and 'Jade'!), and the rest of the cast of 'Invitation to Love'; please welcome Sheryl Lee as Madeline Ferguson, cousin to the late Laura Palmer (also played by SL).
THE PLOT THICKENS: drugs via the Road House
LINES: two of the most memorable, as Audrey describes One Eye'd Jacks; "MEN go there"; and of course Albert's unforgettable "If you'll excuse me, I've got a lot of cutting and pasting to do.", re Laura's autopsy.
THOUGHT: HST's comment on 'evil in the woods' hints at the future supernatural aspect of the show.

Ep 4
GOOD BIT: Donna & Audrey have a chat
NOT SO GOOD BIT: nothing stands out
HI/BYE: we meet Hank Jennings, hubby of Norma and lately imprisoned
THE PLOT THICKENS: Audrey starts her own investigation, which will involve getting a job; Ben Horne and Leo Johnson plot to torch the mill.
LINES: "I'm from Missoula." (Maddy introduces herself) "Nice touch, bringing a bright red sports car to the secret meeting." (Ben berates Leo)
THOUGHT: Andy pronounces Renault as 'Re-nawt', which is how an unlettered person would say it. (correctly spoken as 'ruh-NO')

Ep 5
GOOD BIT: James, Donna and Maddie plot over cherry cokes; Ben Horne meets up with Josie (?); Hank Jennings smacks around Leo.
NOT SO GOOD BIT: Leland Palmer starts his breakdown
HI/BYE welcome, Bernard Renault, to your only scene.
LINE: "My log does not judge." (Margaret the Log Lady, of course.)
VISUAL: the profile of the four searchers; great shot.
THOUGHT: Bernard was memorable, the epitome of a mouthy punk; sort of like Bobby Briggs with a canuck accent.

Ep 6
GOOD BIT: the interrogation of Waldo the Bird; Audrey shows what she can do with a cherry (stem)
NOT SO GOOD BIT: Audrey tries retail.
HI/BYE: say hi to Blackie, 1EyedJax' resident Madam.
LINES: "I'm going to get food and you're going to get dressed." (Coop to the visiting Audrey)
"Ed! I'm eating bon-bons!" (Nadine enjoying a domestic moment)
THE PLOT THICKENS: Waldo the Bird is assasinated
VISUAL: Waldo's blood on the donuts
THOUGHT: lots of plotting and scheming going on

Ep 7 (end of season one)
GOOD BIT: Jacques tells Coop the story of LP's final night
NOT SO GOOD BIT: Audrey, getting in deep at 1EyeJax
HI/BYE: the last of 'Invitation to Love, as Chet shoots Montana; exit Jacques Renault
VISUAL: Nadine, unfolding the tablecloth and getting out the silver...for her suicide.
LINES: "I have no complaints...about the house." (Pete, on his marriage)
"The Icelandic group has either checked or passed out." (Coop on his fellow hotel guests)
THE PLOT THICKENS: James and Donna find the necklace; Dr. Jacoby gets bushwhacked; Leo torches the mill, later gets shot; Jacques Renault gets shot, gets suffocated in the hospital; Cooper gets shot; Pete Martell and Shelly Johnson are hospitalized for smoke inhalation; Catherine Martell disappears; Nadine is in a coma after a suicide attempt. Busy night at the hospital.
Oh, and Bobby frames James.
THOUGHT: one of my favorite scenes is Jacques telling Coop about that last night; Coop feigns being amused at the story ("Bite the bullet, baby, bite the bullet!"), but you can see the revulsion in his eyes. Walter Olkiewicz was great as the corrupt, porcine Jacques, a Hank Quinlan for the 90s.
ANOTHER THOUGHT: Catherine's appeal to Pete puts a spark back in their relationship.

Ep 8 (start of season two)
GOOD BIT: Coop, lying bleeding on the floor, signs the Room Service slip ('Does this include the gratuity?')
NOT SO GOOD BIT: Leland's continuing descent; Ben Horne checks out the 'new girl'
HI/BYE: we meet the elderly waiter and the giant, plus the 'Asian guy'.
LINES: "Hello again." (M the LL)
"You will require medical attention." (the Giant, clarifying Coop's situation)
THE PLOT THICKENS: Ronnette Pulaski stirs; Leland's hair turns white; Audrey uncovers some evidence; Bobby and Major Briggs have a nice chat.
THOUGHT: Jerry Horne's slam of Blackie ("you used to be so pretty") is all the more harsh as it's said so casually. the scene hints that the Horne's got her hooked on junk to control her.

Ep 9
GOOD BIT: the barbershop quartet humming in the background as Coop and Albert breakfast at the Great Northern; Coop's reaction to the mention of Windom Earle.
NOT SO GOOD BIT: creamed corn
HI/BYE: first mention of Windom Earle; we meet the Tremonds
THE PLOT THICKENS: Major Briggs gives Coop a message; Leland recognizes 'Bob'
THOUGHT: Major Briggs and Margaret the Log Lady make an interesting pair; their mutual politeness smooths their differences.
LINES: "Albert, you made a joke!" "I like to think of myself as one of the Happy Generation." (Coop and Albert)
"I believe it's customary to inquire of the health of one recently plugged three times." (Albert shows his concern)

Ep 10
GOOD BIT: Gerard turns into Mike; Donna scolds (dead) Laura
NOT SO GOOD BIT: Andy and his sperms
HI/BYE: Bonjour, Jean Renault, smartest and most dangerous of the Renaults;
Hi, Harold Smith; we meet the very beautiful Mrs (Eolani) Jacoby.
THE PLOT THICKENS: Donna tracks down Harold; Blackie torments Audrey; Nadine comes out of her coma and thinks she's a teenager.
THOUGHT: Blackie is getting Audrey hooked on drugs as payback to the Hornes?...
the new music is GREAT
LINES: "The giant; any relation to the Dwarf?"
"Confining my conclusions to the planet Earth..." (Albert, both times)

Ep 11
GOOD BIT: Rabbit Chili on the menu; the stuffed mongoose/snake
NOT SO GOOD BIT: the Andy/Lucy/Dick triangle
HI/BYE: Judge Sternwood arrives, with his little friend; we meet Darryl Ludwick (some kind of prosecuting attorney) and a Mr. Tojamura, a potential buyer for the Ghostwood project; and good bye to Emory Battis.
THE PLOT THICKENS: Jean and Blackie plot; Josie and her cousin plot; a food critic named Wentz is expected.
LINES: "go ahead, Emory, say something weak and fawning." (Blackie, taunting him)
"Heaven is a large and interesting place, sir." (Coop to Judge Sternwood)
"Wife?" Law clerk." "Man, oh man." (Coop asks HST about Sternwood's little friend)
THOUGHT: has Josie been 'playing' HST? she is getting more layered, and more suspicious.

Ep 12
GOOD BIT: opening scene; the night stand by Coop's bed has lamp, alarm clock, duck call, tape recorder, gun and ceramic Indian.
NOT SO GOOD BIT: Harold Smith claws hisself
HI/BYE: bye bye blackie, done in by Jean Renault
THE PLOT THICKENS: Coop finally finds Audrey's note; Tojamura makes an offer to Ben; Donna tries to lure Harold outside, and he freaks; Coop and HST raid 1Eye to rescue Audrey.
LINE: "Object to the use of the word 'normal'." "He's close enought." (Lawyers wrangling)
THOUGHT: Hawk saves the day as Audrey gets rescued; really good music.

Ep 13
GOOD BIT: Leo's Welcome Home party
NOT SO GOOD BIT: Leland does Karaoke
HI/BYE: hello, Gordon Cole. I SAID, HELLO, 'GORDON COLE'.
THE PLOT THICKENS: James saves the girls from a rampaging Harold; Josie vs Ben Horne; Gerard/Mike return(s)
LINES: "You're not from around here, are ya?" (Pete to Tojamura) "He is Bob! Out for fun! He wears a smile...Everybody run." (Mike, on you know who)
THOUGHTS: Ben Horne's payback begins; how on earth did Eric Da Re keep a straight face as he falls into the cake?

Ep 14
GOOD BIT: the coffee lineup
NOT SO GOOD BIT: nothing stands out
HI/BYE: farewell Harold Smith (suicide) and Maddie (Bob)
THE PLOT THICKENS: Audrey confronts her father; Tojamura reveals...herself; Bob kills again.
LINES: "He's alive!" (Bobby and Shelly as Leo stirs) "Go away. I'm going out for a sandwich...you can't do this to me!" (Ben does not take his arrest gracefully)
THOUGHT: ever notice, Ben has Laura's pic on his desk?
MORE THOUGHT: Gerard's second transformation into Mike. the first was awesome; overhead shot of Gerard in a stall, struggling with the needle; the camera pans down to the blank door; it opens, and out pops Mike, cool and confident and even
aggressive. Al Strobel just gave a magnificent performance; I hope he's faring well in this business.

Ep 15
GOOD BIT: Louise Dombrowski's flashlight dance on the hook rug
NOT SO GOOD BIT: Lucy/Andy/Gwen
THE PLOT THICKENS: the Laura Palmer tape implicates Ben; Leo is connected to the mill fire; Pete and HST compare notes on Josie, who is acquainted with Hank
HI/BYE: hello Vivian (Norma's mom), husband Ernie, and Lucy's sister Gwen.
THOUGHT: M the LL's intro discusses appetites, which puts the Horne brothers' constant eating/drinking/smoking in perspective (they're greedheads).
LINES: "Let's get started. Did you kill her? Ben; as your brother; as your friend; as your attorney; I'm advising you to...get another lawyer. (Jerry helping out Ben)
MORE THOUGHT: the scene in the jail, Pete playing the tape of Catherine to the imprisoned Ben, is priceless ("Here, Benji, I got a message for ya." "Greetings from the boys at the mill?" they obviously know each other. Pete seems surprisingly vindictive, but I guess considering what Ben's done to them...

Ep 16
GOOD BIT: The final identification, capture, and breakdown of Laura's killer
NOT SO GOOD BIT: nothing wrong wi this ep.
THE PLOT THICKENS: 'Tojamura' visits ben in jail; Donna uncovers a mystery re Mrs. Tremond; James rides off; Cooper gathers the suspects in the (empty) Road House and gets a clue that helps him remember Laura's id of her killer, who is arrested and brought to justice.
HI/BYE: hello the real Mrs. Tremond; farewell, Leland Palmer
LINES: "stand alone, do your dance, just stop this beast before he takes another bite." (Albert encourages Cooper)
"Ben Horne, you're a slimy rat bastard." (Catherine cheers him up)
"Into the light, Leland. Into the Light." (Cooper)
THOUGHTS: two great, great scenes, as Cooper gathers a bunch together; a mention of chewing gum unlocks the secret. the sequence of Leland in the interrogation room is superb, as he goes into an animal-like breakdown. Ray Wise way deserved
an Emmy for this ("Aargh! Oooh! Roo! Bwarrr! That would be a yes.") I can't forget the look on Hawk's face. And how about the curious little coda after, as the guys, with Major Briggs, contemplate the evil. and yes, the music; wow.
Great episode; highlight of the series.

Ep 17
GOOD BIT: Jean/Hank/Ernie plot
NOT SO GOOD BIT: Nadine tries out for cheerleader.
HI/BYE: we meet Roger Hardy (FBI) and Mountie King (RCMP)
THE PLOT THICKENS: 'Wentz' is identified as...Norma's mother; Josie returns; the Milford brothers feud; Major Briggs disappears; Coop is investigated by the FBI
THOUGHT: Jean Renault only had a handful of scenes, but I found him very memorable, from his hard-th accent ('dis business has cost me bod of my brudders') to his western pimp clothing.
LINES: "I ran out of tuna fish." (Catherine, on her return) "School numbs my buns." (Audrey on the value of higher education)
VISUAL: the stairwell at the Palmers; the food at Maddie's funeral
OTHER THOUGHT: Catherine's story of hiding out at a cabin doesn't make sense, considering how she had to get a disguise as a Japanese businessman, recruit a partner, and establish a line of credit etc in Japan.

Ep 18
GOOD BIT: nothing stands out
NOT SO GOOD BIT: Nadinein high school; little Nicky; the whole Evelyn Marsh plot
HI/BYE: Dennis/Denise Bryson, DEA; Evelyn Marsh and the bunch from Wallies; little Nicky; Mrs. Doug Milford; and Andrew Packard returns.
THE PLOT THICKENS: Josie blames her former mentor, Thomas Ekhart, for Andrew's death; Hank and Ernie enter the unlicensed pharmeceutical business
VISUAL: Ben watching the old b/w film of the Great Northern groundbreaking, he and Jerry as kids
LINE: "If Nature is the teacher, who is the principal?" (M the LL in her intro)
"That's a good color for him." (Coop on Dennis/Denise)
THOUGHT: the whole Evelyn Marsh subplot was stupid, cliched, uninteresting, and added nothing to the rest of the show. I think this was part of why the show's ratings went down so much.

Ep 19
GOOD BIT: Bryson and Ernie's cliche-a-thon
NOT SO GOOD BIT: Nadine wrestles
HI/BYE: we find out about Dead Dog Farm; Doug Milford dies (happily)
THE PLOT THICKENS: Ben sends Bobby Briggs to spy on Hank Jennings, and begins his fixation with Gettysburg; Coop starts his chess game with Windom Earle
THOUGHT: 'Malcolm' (Evelyn Marsh's brother) looks like a seedy cross between Quentin Tarantino and Brian Billick
LINES: "No one ever stays there long." "When can I see it?" (Coop and the realtor re; Dead Dog farm)
VISUALS: the table/chair at the farm; Dick trying to change a tire according to the manual (note he and Nicky have matching outfits)

Ep 20:
GOOD BIT: the final showdown twixt Coop and Jean Renault
NOT SO GOOD BIT: the adoption interview
THE PLOT THICKENS: BB walks out on Shelly; Coop is deputized; Hank tries to beat Big Ed, who is saved by an enraged Nadine; Major Briggs returns
HI/BYE: au revoir, Jean Renault, you evil French-Canadian, you
THOUGHTS:Briggs appears nervous during his debriefing; the camera was on Coop too much during his scenes with Jean; the Mountie was crooked, and paid for it. similarly, in the FWWM prequel, a deputy from Deer Meadow was crooked and he got whacked (by BB, mentioned in the pilot).
VISUALS: Briggs, in a stone throne in the jungle? Dick in his trench coat; the peace sign at Dead Dog Farm
LINE: "You have defeated me, as I have defeated General Meade." (Ben to Catherine)

Ep 21
GOOD BIT: Mrs. Milford
NOT SO GOOD BIT: Mrs. Milford
THE PLOT THICKENS: BB returns in time to save Shelly from an awakened Leo; Norma and Ed finally get together; Windom Earle leaves a body at the Sheriff's office
HI/BYE: hello, finally, to Windom Earle, and Thomas Ekhart
THOUGHT: the music at the RR Diner is the same as Louise Dombrowski's flashlight dance. the melody is from 'Questions in a World of Blue' (Julee Cruise sings it in a scene in FWWM), with a doo-wop piano rhythm. very retro.
VISUALS: the clown pic on the wall at the Johnson's; the ripped plastic as Leo escapes
LINES: "Windom Earle has been in this room. I can still feel his presence."(Coop)
"From now on, Bobby, I'm the one you suck up to." (Audrey clarifies her status for Bobby)
OTHER THOUGHT: after all the buildup, does Kenneth Welsh's Windom Earle meet expectation? I say...yes.

Ep 22
GOOD BIT: Windom Earle subdues a terrified Leo; Ed and Nadine and Norma; Audrey explains the heirarchy to Jerry Horne (i.e., she is above him); 'Appomatox'
NOT SO GOOD BIT: whatever's going on at the Marsh's
VISUAL: the guys in the gray uniforms at Wallie's, watching opera(?)
THE PLOT THICKENS: WE subdues Leo; Ekhart finds Josie; the hair sample from Coop's shooting is matched to Josie's coat
LINES: "What about Leostein?" (Bobby on you know who)
"Get a life, punk." (Albert has a brief encounter with BB)
"As Gordon so succinctly put it, 'I'M WORRIED ABOUT COOP'." (Albert on his being sent back to TP)
THOUGHT: as Windom subdues Leo he mocks him, going from a lion roar to a kitten meow, paralleling Leo's descent from alpha male to schmuck. WE is an evil leprechaun of a man.
OTHER THOUGHT: who know Pete was a chess master?

Ep 23
GOOD BIT: Norma finally ditches Hank
NOT SO GOOD BIT: nothing stands out
THE PLOT THICKENS: Josie is caught between Ekhart and the Martells; a letter in three pieces is sent to Audrey, Donna and Shelly; Josie kills Ekhard, and herself dies.
HI/BYE: Audrey is happy to meet JJ Wheeler; aDios, T Ekhart (and Josie)
VISUALS: Coop 'fly fishing' in bed; Josie at her mirror, just like in the pilot; the drawer knob
THOUGHTS: Catherine is being mean to Pete again; Ekhart didn't do much, considering the buildup; the somber music is really, really great.
LINES: "If Windom wanted to kill me, I'd be dead already." (Coop on his nemesis)
"Honey, I'm home! Did you miss me!" (Andrew reveals himself to a stunned Josie)
"I'd rather be his whore than your wife!" (Norma clarifies her relationship with Hank)
OTHER THOUGHT: Josie apparently grew up on the streets of Hong Kong and used her assets (her looks) to move up in the world. was she an evil schemer, and it caught up with her? or just an unwilling puppet drawn into games she wasn't able to deal with? hard not to feel sorry for her...but she never should have
shot Coop.

Ep 24
GOOD BIT: Shelly plays at being a beauty contestant
NOT SO GOOD BIT: WEarle visits Donna; HST has a drunk
THE PLOT THICKENS: JJ and Audrey have a date; Ms. Jones asserts herself; Ben chats with...Mrs. Hayward?
THOUGHT: big cast this ep (Mrs. Hayward, Mrs. Briggs, Nadine, etc)
HI/BYE: please welcome Norma's cousin Annie. what's the scar on the wrist..?
VISUALS: the log; the treelike logo in the Newspaper; the lights on the Totem pole; Leo cowering; Nadine with sunglasses
LINES: "It's a pretty simple town...or it used to be." (HST) "Dale Cooper,local law enforcement." (Coop intros self to Annie) Save the Pine Weasel!!!

Ep 25
GOOD BIT: Gordon yelling in the microphone
NOT SO GOOD BIT: nothing stands out
THE PLOT THICKENS: Ben and Mrs. Hayward chat again; visit to the Owl Cave; Leo reacts to Shelly's picture; Ms. Jones tries to kill HST but gets done in herself
HI/BYE: bye, Ms. Jones
VISUAL: Ben with a carrot stick
LINES: "Ah, bicarbonate of soda, the ultimate digestive aid." (Coop helping HST
"Please ask the lady with the log to speak up." (Gordon)
THOUGHT: the deal wi Ms. Jones (Ekhart's former aide, or whatever) doesn't make sense. Presumably Ekhart left her some if-I-die instructions, but why is she so determined to carry them out, at the cost of her life? Was she that devoted to him?
was her reward being held by someone else pending her completion of her tasks? Ms. Jones should have grabbed Ekharts credit cards and flown to Cozumel.

Ep 26
GOOD BIT: Coop and JJ discuss the love thing
NOT SO GOOD BIT: nothing stands out
THE PLOT THICKENS: The Martells and Andrew try to open Ekhart's magic box; Leo tries to rebel contra WEarle; Coop and Annie smooch; is Ben Horne, Donna's dad?
THOUGHT: in keeping with the good/evil theme of the show, it looks like Ben and Leo are trying to change. Leo now knows what it's like to be helpless. I still think Ben might be faking goodness for a future career in politics.
VISUALS: Shelly and Annie smile; the petroglyphs in the Owl Cave; WEarle in floppy fishing hat.
LINE: "The story's cool, but you promised me beer." (victim to WEarle)

Ep 27
GOOD BIT: WEarle on a computer; Leo gets the remote; the giant tries to warn Coop
NOT SO GOOD BIT: nothing stands out
THE PLOT THICKENS: WEarle interrogates Major Briggs; Bobby proposes to Shelly;Coop reviews the poem sent to the girls; Audrey and JJ have a moment on the plane
VISUALS: the guys carrying the giant chess piece; Andy and the roadie crying; WEarle in the horse costume (!)
THOUGHT: Sherylynn Fenn wears a violet top that matches her eyes. With her dark hair and fair complexion she is totally, dreamily beautiful. Wow.
OTHER THOUGHT: The horse costume was an unforgettable visual, but it made sense;
Major Briggs is too aware to sneak up on in a normal way, so he had to come up with a way to get close to him, and this was it.
LINES: "Oh! Man! Rusty!" (the roadie laments his buddy's passing)
"Styrofoam never dies as long as you live." (Andy waxing ecological)
"Goodness in you is like a time bomb." (Catherine to Ben, I think)

Ep 28
GOOD BIT: I count 13 contestants in the pageant, including series regulars Lucy, Donna, Shelly, Nadine, Annie, Lana (Milford), and Audrey, who didn't do the dance scene but does make a speech.
NOT SO GOOD BIT: Pinkle moving in on M the LL
HI/BYE: nobody comes or goes
THE PLOT THICKENS: Leo frees Major Briggs, asking him to 'Save Shelly'; Lana does a very hypnotic dance number; Lucy picks Andy to be her man; a bug is found in the sheriff's office; WEarle kidnaps Annie and heads for the Black Lodge.
VISUAL: the confusion at the end of the pageant, similar but worse than the Pine Weasel riot, lit in strobes.
LINES: "I haven't been this excited since I punctured Caroline's aorta." (WEarle)
"Superior upper body stength and quads like bridge supports. I pinned him in 1:05." (Nadine on a wrestling competitor)
"This bonsai isn't from Josie, Harry. This bonsai is from Windom Earle." (Coop makes a discovery)
THOUGHTS: WEarle, in his remote cabin, is able to procure everything from the horse suit to a computer to a bag of tarantulas. and no one ever sees or suspects anything. wow, what a super villain...Donna doesn't smile much lately

Ep 29; end of series, and thoughts on what Season Three could have been
GOOD BIT: Ronnette looking sharp!
NOT SO GOOD BIT: Nadine's 'return' is heartbreaking; too much of the Red Room
VISUALS: the jazz singer; eyeglasses and $ in the tree; one last look at the bridge Ronnette walked across in the pilot; Coop and the Little Man eyeing each other; closing shot of Laura on a cup of coffee.
LINES: "It has been a pleasure speaking to you." (M the LL in her intro)
Theft Auto! The Log Lady stole my truck!" (Pete reports a crime) "I'll see you in the trees." (super jazz song)
"Young lady, why are you chained to the bank
vault?" (Andrew to Audrey)
"I need to brush my teeth." (Coop)

among the cast returning are Leland and MRs. Palmer, Ronnette, Heidi, the rareley seen Mrs. Horne, the giant, the old waiter, and Laura/Maddie.

I now review some plot points and meanings, if any.
*Nadine returns to her (ab)normal mental state, sees Ed with Norma, and begins to cry ("It's not fair!"). well, we knew this was going to happen. the super-Nadine-the-cheerleader supblot was light and funny, but it ended very poignantly. Will
Ed reluctantly leave Norma and go back to her? Or is he determined to stay with his one true love, which would ruin Nadine? no win situatin.

*Audrey chains self to bank vault to protest funding of the Ghostwood project; Pete and Andrew go in to see what's in Ekharts safe deposit box. It's a bomb, and presumably all three die. It was stupid of Pete and Andrew to open the box; Ekhart was obviously poison. I sure couldn't imagine TPS3 without Pete, so like the mill fire, he might have survived. Audrey was killed off because SFenn left to do movies. Her career never made A-list, as she chose to do offbeat flicks like 'Three of Hearts' (gay) and the legendarily sick 'Boxing Helena'. interestingly, this would have left Catherine alone, more mean and miserable
than ever. (it shows how Andrew and Pete felt about her that they didn't include her!) I suspect Pete would have taken his bundle, if there was one, and set up on his own, Catherine-free.

*Ben Horne visits the Haywards, and it appears that he is Donna's father. Doc Hayward unexpectedly smacks him into the stone fireplace; is he dead? I doubt it. S3 might have seen his continuing attempts to be 'good', and an inevitable flirtation with his old self, especially if he got into politics.

*Leo was left trying to keep the tarantulas off. Since tarantulas are not really dangerous I suspect this was one last WEarle joke. in S3, Leo would presumably return to viability; he might have gone to jail for the mill fire (and other things);
it would have been interesting to see the triangle with Shelly (who wants no part of him) and Bobby. If Leo did, grinch-like, acquire some heart, he would have tried to convince Shelly that he'd changed.

the highlight of the finale was Coop's visit to the Black Lodge, or at least the foyer of same, to rescue Annie from WEarle. this part goes on way too long (several times he is shown pointlessly walking into empty rooms); the Little Man
introduces him to some friends (Laura, old waiter, giant, Maddie). Coop finally encounters Windom Earle, who offers to let Annie live if Coop gives up his soul. Coop agrees, but as WEarle 'takes' his soul, Bob appears. "He is wrong. He can't
ask for your soul. I will take his." I interpret this that Coop, by offering himself, proves himself pure, and Wearle must forfeit, according to whatever code the Black Lodge has. ( think WEarle was an idiot thinking he could just traipse into this place and be a part of it; he was in over his head.) Bob tells
coop "You go", which to me means Coop was free to leave the BL and rejoin Annie, who was somehow returned. But complications ensue from a Coop doppleganger; my take is that the dgr gets outside before Coop and gets to 'play' him; he carefully memorises his line ("How's Annie?"), and succesfully tricks the others into accepting him. he goes into the bathroom and bangs his hear on the mirror, revealing Bob, who has apparently used the dgr to return to this world.
I have no doubt they would have figure this out and taken the dgr back and switched him with the real Coop.

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Unread postPosted: Tue May 23, 2017 8:41 pm 
Time And Realative Dimension In Space
Time And Realative Dimension In Space
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Damn - hell of a write up, Sailor. :clap:

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Unread postPosted: Sun May 28, 2017 11:23 am 
Postal Carrier
Postal Carrier
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TW:TR Ep 1-2
GOOD BIT; all the familiar faces
NOT SO GOOD BIT; see Content Advisory below
HI/BYE: too many to count. we say hi AND bye to Jack the quiet car guy, the bitchy Mrs. Hastings, and the luscious Darya. and maybe the box boy and his girlfriend.
THE PLOT THICKENS: Coop is still in the waiting area! (some people are calling it the Black Lodge, and I'm sure there's a connection, but I don't think that's the actual BL). Coop's Doppleganger (CD) has a lot going on and a big price on his head. He decides not to go back to the BL but it looks like the BL is coming for him, which would release Coop.
VISUALS: Jacoby's camp in the woods; the road in the woods illuminated by CD's headlights; 'The Arm'.
LINES: 'Want. Not need. I don't need anything." CD to Matt...'But the Morgans are coming for dinner!' Mrs. Hastings complains as the cops take away her hubby...'You can go out now'; 'Laura' to Coop
ADULT CONTENT: several f-bombs, some s-words, two shootings, a grisly murder scene, a brief sex/nudity bit.
SOME THOUGHTS: heartbreaking to think Coops been in there for 25 years. hopefully time travels differently there...Matt does not seem too intimidated by CD...bad girls don't do well in the Twin Peaks universe; Josie, Blackie, Mrs. Jones, now Mrs. Hastings and Darya. maybe we include Laura Palmer in that group?..too much of the show took place outside of Twin Peaks. Hopefully this will change in the near future.
WELCOME BACK: Coop, the Giant, the One-Armed Man, 'Laura', Leland, Margaret the Log Lady, Hawk, Lucy, Andy, Ben and Jerry Horne, Dr. Jacoby, Shelly and James. And Laura's mother, watching a grisly nature show.
ONE MORE THING: Walter Olkeiwiecz, who played Jacques Renault in the original, is listed in the cast as 'Jean-Michel Renault'; we see him briefly tending bar at the road house behind the guy making the gun gesture at Shelly. Presumably a cousin of the original Renault(s).

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Postal Carrier
Postal Carrier
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TP:TR ep 3-4
GOOD BIT: Coop bends over to pick up a dropped key and the assassin doesn't see him...'blue rose' reference...the green suit
NOT SO GOOD: the first half hour, esp the barfing; Deputy Chad
THE PLOT THICKENS: CD has created a duplicate, which gets sucked up to the Black Lodge in his place; Gordon and Albert interview CD in Yankton and conclude something isn't right; CD has created a double life as 'Dougie Jones', and Coop has fallen into that scene.
VISUALS: Jacoby painting the shovels (creating some windmill art thing?); the house by the sea; the green suit;
LINES: 'Mr. Jackpots'...'Blue Rose?' 'None bluer'.
ADULT CONTENT: nude scene early
SOME THOUGHTS: the first part in the castle by the sea with the eyeless woman is a great example of Lynch at his maddening worst. the nude scene was totally gratuitous. really jarring to see Bobby Briggs as a deputy! wonder if he's crooked. Dougie Jones' wife is furious at him until she sees all the money
WELCOME BACK: Gordon, Albert, Bobby Briggs, Denis Bryson
ONE MORE THING: accoording to the Black Lodge rules either Coop or his dop must die since they can't both be in the world at the same time.

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Unread postPosted: Wed Jun 07, 2017 5:04 pm 
Postal Carrier
Postal Carrier
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TP:TR Ep 5
GOOD BIT: Doctor Amp's podcast rant (a bit foul)
NOT SO GOOD BIT: Truman's wife visits
THE PLOT THICKENS: Coop still can't come back to reality; CD makes an enigmatic phone call; Major Briggs' fingerprints are being found?; Coop's Great Northern key chain is dropped in the mail
VISUALS: Doctor Amp's Cosmic Flashlight; the ad for the ****-Digging Gold Shovel (PO Box 470 Twin Peaks)
LINES: 'You're still with me. That's good.' CD to Bob; 'The cow jumped over the moon.' CD's phone call
ADULT CONTENT: some language, the body on the slab
SOME THOUGHTS: next gen TP doesn't look good. Shelly's daughter Becky, her beau Steve, Richard Horne (presumably related to Ben or Jerry) all losers. Wally Marlon might be the white sheep.
WELCOME BACK: Norma; Nadine; Mike (Bobby's buddy). and Toad, now working @ the RR?
OH, AND...can't one person in 'Dougie's' orbit call a doctor for crying out loud?..notice the cigarette brand? 'Morley'. X-Files reference!

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Postal Carrier
Postal Carrier
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TP:TR Ep 6
GOOD BIT: Doug's boss sees something in the scribbles
NOT SO GOOD BID: Mrs Truman rants
THE PLOT THICKENS: Mrs. Jones pays off the thugs; Hawk finds a clue in a bathroom stall door; Richard Horne meets his drug dealer boss and runs over a kid
VISUALS: the top of the electric pole; part of the car on the roof
LINES: 'Wake up! Don't die!' 'Jade gives two rides'
ADULT CONTENT: several f-bombs, a bloody stabbing
SOME THOUGHTS: Doug/Coop is improving but slowly; Officer Manzanella might be the first Hispanic in the series
WELCOME BACK: Carl (Harry Dean Stanton's trailer park character from FWWM); Heidi; we finally meet Diane, played by Laura Dern (I read somewhere Carol Lynley was cast but never appeared in the original).
OTHER THOUGHT: that hit and run will probably figure in the future

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Postal Carrier
Postal Carrier
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TP:TR Ep 7
GOOD BIT: Doug/Coop manhandles an assassin
NOT SO GOOD BIT: Diane's language
THE PLOT THICKENS: What was in the bathroom stall door? missing pages of Laura's diary that reveal 'good Cooper is in the Black Lodge and can't get out'...Coop's dopple (hereafter referred to as Mr C) escapes
VISUALS: the beautiful wood-grained skype screen
LINES: 'Say please'...'this may require a slight change of attitude on your part'
ADULT CONTENT: another scene of the dead body, Diane's language
THOUGHTS: at some point Sheriff Truman and Hawk will have to compare notes with Cole...that mastermind Mr. C got goods on the warden some time in the past and presumably allowed self to get caught to avoid the Black Lodge collection of Doug...would be great if the assault triggered Coop and at this point he's just playing Doug while he gets a handle on things
OTHER THOUGHT: internet speculation that Mr. C bedded Audrey and that's where the nasty Richard Horne came from. This ep we learned Mr. C 'visited' Audrey @ the hospital whilst she was still in coma. still just a theory. (Ick)
ONE MORE THOUGHT: TP / David Lynch sometimes accused of some old-school chauvanism. this ep we see Diane as a hysterical victim and we get another wife-scolds-husband scene. TP women tend to be either babes (Doug's female coworker), efficient functionaries (the Air Force officer), or scolds.

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Postal Carrier
Postal Carrier
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TP:TR Ep 8

Dear messrs. Lynch and Frost;
I reluctantly take keyboard in hand today to express my profound displeasure on what was broadcast on Showtime last night purporting to be TP:TR Episode 8.
Said program certainly started acceptably as the evil Mr. C and his pal Ray, on the proverbial lam, drive into the woods, at which point Mr. C finds he has a faulty pistol and gets shot by Ray. After last week's ep I really felt the show was hitting its stride.
Then, alas, everything went wrong. I watched some forty minutes of zombie ghost street people, a woman in a castle listening to old records, a gold orb, and various film school arty bizzaro content, culminating in one of the zombie ghost street people (listed in the credits as 'the woodsman') strolling into a radio station, causing multiple deaths, and taking the mike to screed about the water and the well and the horse.
There was also some stuff about the White Sands nuclear test, a teen couple kissing, and a Nine Inch Nails video. I kept checking to see if I was on the right channel.
So You guys owe me forty minutes of my life. (slightly less since I ended up fast-forwarding through much of it).
Sincerely, Sailor Sam

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Postal Carrier
Postal Carrier
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episode 9; thankfully, as Albert might say, confining the action to the planet earth

GOOD BIT: starting to like the Vegas cops (aka the Fusco boys)
NOT SO GOOD BIT: nothing stands out
THE PLOT THICKENS: Truman, Hawk and Bobby receive an old message from Major Briggs; Mr. C survives and re-arms for further mayhem, ordering hits on the warden (faulty gun) and Doug & Mrs...Ike the Spike gets arrested...Cole and Albert close in on Major Briggs' fate...Hastings and partner were trying to enter a place they called 'the zone', presumably the (black) lodge...suspecting Witness Protection, the Fuscos take Doug/Coop's coffee mug for fingerprints
WELCOME BACK: Mrs. Horne (barely), Johnny, Mrs. Briggs
THOUGHTS: fake hair, foul mouth, chain smoking; I really hate Diane...like Windom Earle before, Hastings & partner dabbled in heavy stuff and paid the price. WE thought he could deal with; these two didn't know what they were doing...Johnny Horne presumably kills himself by smashing head into glass on wall; eerily similar to Leland killing self in jail. was some of Bob in poor Johnny?...still no Audrey

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Postal Carrier
Postal Carrier
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ep 10

not good bit: Johnny Horne smacks around his grandma. shame!

Visuals: pink-clad Candie chasing the fly...the trailer in the country

Lines: 'I'm concerned about you too'...good morning, Johnny, how are you today...'You have an enemy in Dougie Jones'

Johnny Horne lives but is (more messed up)...f-bombs all over...Candie seems like Lucy's long lost cousin...Gordon and Albert suspect Diane...

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Postal Carrier
Postal Carrier
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ep 11

good bit: Gordon and Albert track a portal...Dougie/Coop and the Mitchums in the desert
not so good bit: red and Shelly smooching

Visuals: Shelly in the windshield...the sooty bums in the portal...Dougie/Coop tracking the coffee

Lines: 'Shelly! What the hell?'...'Bobby, she's got a gun!'...There's fire where you're going...'They're still cleaning the vehicle'

The Plot Thickens: Gordon/Albert and Hawk/Frank are headed presumably to the same place...Diane notes with interest the coordinates on Ruth's arm...Cooper's boss pays off the Mitchum bros and they're all happy happy

looks like we're headed for a big collusion/collision...no Mr. C this week...as a child Alicia Witt had a piano-playing appearance in the original TP; she shows up here as Steven's girlfriend (same character)...still no Audrey or Donna

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