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Unread postPosted: Tue Nov 16, 2010 5:10 am 
Director of the National Post
Director of the National Post
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Here are the current league standings for PTE Fantasy Football 2010. Image

TZ DZ Minions ..... 7 - 3
Brooklyn Crackbabies ..... 6 - 4
The Dark Horse ..... 6 - 4
R&R Razorblades ..... 5 - 4 - 1
Raider Nation ..... 5 - 4 - 1
Derelicts ..... 5 - 5
Rebels ..... 4 - 6
Spittin' Whits ..... 4 - 6
DC Headhunters ..... 4 - 6
DrMoreau's Lawgivers ..... 3 - 7

My Minions beat the Derelicts, 133 - 56. Not much to be said here really, but Michael Vick (who i picked up late week - miraculously he was still available) got a huge 57 on Monday night. That coupled with Derelicts having several zeroes made it pretty much impossible for his team to win. Had I started Tom Brady, he picked up a smooth 38 as well, surprisingly against the Steelers.
The Spittin' Whits beat DrM's Lawgivers 97 - 91. Whit pulled this one out Monday night, with his kicker for Philly getting 12. DrM had a "1" from Thomas Jones. This was no surprise after seeing the Chiefs get the dogshite kicked out of them, early on in that game. Of course Jones didn't get much chance to run the ball at all, as they were playing from well behind early on. A zero from his Arizona defense didn't help matters either.
The R&R Razorblades defeated Lazy's Darkhorse, 120 - 66. Again, not much to say, other than Lazy only got respectable numbers from only 2 players, Jeremy Maclin and Joe Flacco......... while the Blades had some very strong numbers from the majority of that team. Including a slick "30" from WR Dwayne Bowe.
The Crackbabies pulled out a squeaker win Monday night over the rebels, 105 - 103. LeSean McCoy got him 15 points, to edge the rebels out by 2. The rebels had some dismal performances by a few of his Steeler players. Read below, for more on that. :P
The DC Headhunters beat Raider Nation, in another close one 82 - 77. This was essentially a parlay of events for SVB, in that Raider Nation had to underperform, and the Headhunters had to get some extra points here and there, and thats basically what happened. Calvin Johnson and Brandon Lloyd had solid days, and helped overcome a zero from one of his RBs,(Willis McGahee) to help the Headhunters get a needed win.

This is going to have to go out to one Michael Vick. Traditionally I ship it to a "matchup deciding break" or a huge/lucky performance, but this instance is a bit different. I believe that 57 to be the largest single fantasy point total I have ever seen by one player in our league. I vaguely remember bkirby's "MapleStreet Monsters" (in 2007 - one of our first years of our league) having Tom Brady putting up 50 one week or thereabouts, but 57 for Vick has got to be the highest, by a few points.
I know I have seen team totals of 167-168 or so, but 57 by one player is unreal.

OK, there are actually 2 people that could get this, and they both play for the rebels.
The defense of Pittsburgh got a pathetic minus 1..... but look a little deeper. His kicker (who also plays for Pittsburgh) got ZERO.
An argument could be made for either of these to receive the Hershey Squirts award, but for my money, its gotta go to the kicker Jeff Reed. He got a ZERO, and its not like his team didn't give him opportunities..... they put up 26 points. His miss from 26 yards was the key squirt, that made the rebels lose.


Apparently I am not alone in thinking he deserves the award!!........ (ESPN.com reports)The Steelers are bringing in kickers Tuesday and Reed may get cut from the team. :ROTF:

The matchup to watch for me, is going to be Raider Nation vs. the Rebels. It already looks damn close on paper, but I am banking on the rebels making 1-2 moves to bring his projections up a hair. That and RaiderNation filling his DEF spot, should make it very close indeed. This looks be make or break time for the rebels also, so he will probably throw everything but the kitchen sink at RaiderNation in an effort to get a much needed win in this weeks match.

This appears to be the last week of playoff hope for a few teams down towards the bottom of the pack in our league.
Put your best team up and good luck to all this week!



Unread postPosted: Thu Nov 18, 2010 5:40 pm 
Public Interests Liaison
Public Interests Liaison
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I always seem to have one player that gets me zero every week

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