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Unread postPosted: Mon Sep 03, 2012 9:28 pm 
Postal Carrier
Postal Carrier

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It's long been my practice, usually via the SF Book Club which makes it so easy, to sample new (or up coming) writers' first (or early) novels. Chalk it up to my career, or just a desire to see something New before it becomes a Cliche, I've been buying a couple, few SF novels from the descriptions I read in the SF book club's mailers since boyhood. I don't buy fantasy novels, or semi-sf novels, or the soon-to-be-series of SF war novels, etc. Nah! I go for the STAND ALONE type SF novels...if they sound interesting. And I am a sucker for new novelists who write Time Travel Novels, since I love writing about time travel myself, from time to time (sorry for that), and my other love is robot SF novels which almost no one writes (at least any good ones).

Given this, I just read, "The Revisionists," by Thomas Mullen.

It's a time travel novel with the premise that a rather dark and Authoritarian future society, which has time travel, sends back brainwashed and socially/sexually constipated men to our time frame to make sure that all the bad things in our history, the one you and I know, TAKE PLACE.

Yes, Pearl Harbor, The Holocaust, JFK's death, the Shuttle blowing up, 9/11...

This Future Society, which has time travel, wants to make sure you and I go through all of this carnage...

...Because if we don't, then this future Society which has time travel and is Authoritarian, and Dictatorial, and Draconian, will not exist!

Despite all that, some members of this Future Society rebel and are called "HAGS." (They are men and women and not ugly, like Halloween witches). The HAGS have rebelled, stolen time travel tech, and go back in time to PREVENT these terrible events while remaining undercover from the both their masters and you and I.

It is basically a really bitchin' premise. The bad guys want us to experience all the worst we have lived through and are haunted by. The good guys don't--but wonder if they stop it, what their world up time will be like (will mom, the wife, the kids still be there?)

Sure, my late buddy Poul Anderson did this at length, but ya gotta give Thomas Mullen his turn.

Now on the downside, I found this novel to be about 70% post 9/11 spy story and 30% science fiction story since a lot of it deals with North Korean, Communist Chinese and Middle Eastern victims and villians and all the operative characters work for an intelligence agency today or 190 years from now..

Nonetheless, Thomas Mullen brings his ethnically diverse characters to life with great skill, including an undocumented "house maid" held in near modern day slavery by diplomats who, with their immunity, can beat, whip and abuse her at will until an emotionless man from the future and a current CIA spook take a small interest in her, enough to help her slightly.

"The Revisionists" is that kind of novel. Small victories well fought.

Unread postPosted: Sat Sep 08, 2012 10:27 am 
Time And Realative Dimension In Space
Time And Realative Dimension In Space
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Being a time-travel enthusiast myself, this story sounds like a fun ride to a certain extent. As you were describing it, the premise did hearken to Anderson's style mixed with some Tom Clancy. Nothing against Clancy - just not my type of story genre. A good Fantasy, Horror or SciFi always works best for me. However, I do like the fact you did add small victories well fought - I prefer this concept because nothing is truly a grand spectacle ending heralding the new age.

Nice write up, Jonny. :D

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