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Postal Carrier
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In the wake of Jacques Cousteau's invention of SCUBA Gear (Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus) we were offered via Ivan Tors, "Sea Hunt" --and around the same time this fantastic SF comic from DC.

The four person "SEA DEVILS" team was led by Dane (think Mr. Fantastic, created years later), a lovely blond woman, a freckle-faced teenaged boy (could have been Jimmy Olsen's brother and was something of a greenhorn) and two more mature males. They operated from a beach-based HQ and a conventional boat. The "conventional" stopped there.

Every cover featured the team locked in confrontation with some amazing sea-based creature or alien from space.

I recall their struggle with a monster that was literally a self-contained sentient "wave" of clear liquid. It, of course, could simply blend in with the ocean itself, until it became semi-solid enough to smash ships at sea into splinters, destroy oceanside towns, or grab individual members of the Sea Devils in its pseudo-pods and take them down to crushing depths below.

Then there was the fleet of alien saucers -- each as large as a city -- come to suck up our oceans and spirit them back to terraform one of their planets.

Most of the stories were straight-forward SF with the then-new SCUBA gear and the oceans as enabler and backdrop. This led to a long line of truly unusual creatures and even more unique aliens.

There was one interesting innovation on the SCUBA gear the Sea Devils wore: while it was illustrated accurately like real life gear, theirs had radios so they could carry on dialog underwater, an essential gimmick given that most of the panels took place there. How they talked with the hose in their mouths was of course a comic book convention. Nowadays, this is no longer SF. Some current scuba gear more closely resemble space helmets to allow this.

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